About Kevin and Pet Help

Hello and welcome to Pet Help! I’m Kevin Simmons, the mastermind behind this blog and your ultimate guide to all things pet-related. Sharing your life with a pet is an enjoyable, rewarding, and sometimes challenging experience. If you’re encountering the latter, I’m here to make things a lot easier for you ā€“ whether you’re a new pet owner or a veteran in the pet-loving world. If you can’t find an answer to your pet related question on the site, please feel free to ask me anything.

I need to state up front that for urgent care or serious pet health issues you should search for a local veterinarian and call them directly. Iā€™m not a trained vet and while I know a lot about pets my advice does not replace the expertise of a trained vet.

I’ve been a pet lover for as long as I can remember. Growing up with various pets created a deep, irreplaceable bond, and I’ve been fortunate enough to share my life with wonderful companions – two dogs, Rufus and Claude, and a feline friend named Pebbles. My passion for pets didn’t stop at having them as family. I spent a substantial part of my life working in a pet shop, all the way through college and into my early twenties. This experience expanded my knowledge of pets, focusing on their care, diet, grooming, training, and overall well-being.

From dealing with various temperaments to understanding dietary needs and fussing about grooming essentials, my hands-on experience with pets has proved invaluable. Now, I aim to share this wealth of knowledge with pet owners around the world and support them on their special journey of pet parenthood.

Pet Help is a blog dedicated to providing reliable information and practical tips on pet care. I cover a wide range of topics ā€“ from selecting the right pet food, mastering basic grooming techniques, understanding different behavior patterns, to offering training hacks and wellness tips. Whether you’re prepping your home for a new four-legged addition or looking for ideas to improve the lifestyle of your long-living furry friend, Pet Help has something for everyone.

My goal is to answer the common, the tricky, and sometimes the not-so-obvious questions you, as a pet owner, might have. I strive to ensure that Pet Help doesn’t only offer the answers you’re looking for, but also guides you to provide the best possible care for your beloved companions.

So, delve in! Explore the blog posts, know more about what interests you, and let’s raise happy, healthy pets together! Let’s make this community a reservoir of trusted information, a place where beginners learn, and experts share their wisdom.

Remember, in the world of pets, there’s always more to discover and learn. And Pet Help is here to embark on this journey with you.

Cheers to a pawsome adventure!

Warmly, Kevin

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You can write to us at: Pet Help, 14 Fryer Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand.